Couple in Tamil Nadu organize Asia’s first Metaverse wedding reception


Dinesh and Janaganandhini got married in a small tribal village in Sivalingapuram, Tamil Nadu on the 6th of February. As it took place in the virtual world, their friends and family from across the globe could attend the reception.

Metaverse is a virtual 3D space where users can live and interact with each other through digital avatars. It uses augmented reality, blockchain as well as virtual reality.
Dinesh is a project associate with IIT Madras and he and his fiancee had planned the metaverse wedding due to Covid-19 pandemic playing spoilsport and the number of guests in a wedding had been capped at just 100. Moreover, Dinesh had been into blockchain technology for the past one year. The theme for the wedding was a Hogwarts themed reception.
Photos and videos of Asia’s first metaverse reception were shared online. One video showed a musical concert that was conducted in the metaverse from Chennai.



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