Cosplay League India: Destination Chennai!


Cosplay League India: Destination Chennai!

In an age not so long ago, comics and cosplaying were never something the cool kids indulged in. Cosplay had always belonged to the nerds, the geeks and the fantasy lovers, however, today this phenomenon has taken over the Indian pop culture scene by storm.

Cosplay or costume play is an art where performers dress up as their favourite characters from comics, movies, TV shows and video games. Cosplay which has been thus far considered a party gimmick is today as mainstream as things get. However, Ratikha Venugopal, Co-founder of Cosplay League India believes that cosplayers remain true to their identity. “It is true that comics belonged to the geeks, but today with the many cosplay verticals that have come out; the tv series’, manga versions, films, a new fan following for each vertical has also emerged. And all of them stay true to their individual essence.”


While Chennai may not be on the Comic Con India map as yet, Cosplay League India has big plans for the city and its growing fan base. “We are a collective of 7 national cosplayers and we think it is time that Chennai broke into the big league. Cosplay League is really excited about the first of its kind event that we will launch during the premiere show of Captain America: Civil War,” Ratikha adds.

We certainly are excited too, but we are yet to pick sides for the biggest showdown in comic history! So whose side are you on?



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