Corona May Never Go Away: WHO


With the increasing rate of the novel coronavirus and the new symptoms of the disease, it has now become that the virus is growing more and more. Lockdown and self-quarantine don’t work anymore and the economy is falling and even the essentials and food supplies are now in shortage. To overcome all this and fight back the pandemic one should start living with the coronavirus with all the precautions and safety measures. Nothing will be back to normal and it is said it may take at least two years to bring things back to normal and by the time we will be used to all this and masks will be our new normal.

WHO on Wednesday addressed the world on the pandemic and the WHO emergencies expert Dr. Mike Rayan said the coronavirus may become endemic like HIV and may never go away. “It’s important we’re realistic and I don’t think anyone can predict when this disease will disappear,” he added. “We may have a shot at eliminating the virus but that vaccine will have to be highly effective,” Rayan said.



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