Cool off with coconut milk this summer


The summer heat is here, top on the mind of every shopper are the sunscreen, aloe gels, and exotic skin packs, to battle the harsh weather. Instead of spending money on these products there is another natural way to cool off from the heat that effective and at the same time light on the purse.

It is a simple milk bath made of coconut water and milk. This simple hack makes the skin feel revitalized, glowing and soft. This will be the perfect beauty hack after a long hectic week of work to melt away all the stress.

a Simple Trick: To prepare a coconut milk soak,  add coconut milk and honey in a bowl. Honey is considered to be a  natural moisturizer. To that mixture, a few drops of lavender and rose essential oil can be added to lift up the mood. This mixture can be a perfect mix for everyone’s morning bath. Coconut milk is an anti-inflammatory. It also has vitamins C, E and B6, iron and magnesium.




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