Cool monsoon getaways from Bangalore


These exotic places are sure to leave you recharged before you head back to work and deadlines:

DSC07601 (Copy)

Madikeri – The capital of Coorg district, Madikeri is at its best during monsoons. The expanse is verdant green and waterfalls such as Abbey are roaring to the pleasure of travellers and trekkers.

Wayanad – The rainforests of Kerala come alive during the monsoons. The place is known for the Soochipura waterfalls, Chembra Peak and Banasura dam.

Udupi – Often overshadowed by its more popular coastal cousins like Gokarna and Mangalore, Udupi is a great place to explore. The backwaters, temples and beaches are a haven for tired souls.

Hampi – The capital of the Vijayanagar kingdom provides a superb contrast of the brown century-old edifices against a luxuriant green landscape. The River Tungabhadra is at its fiercest best and the dam across the river is also worth admiring in the late evenings.

So what’s stopping you? Pack your bags and head out before these places get crowded.



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