Controversy over China flag on Indian rocket advertisement


An advertisement in the newspaper hailing the creation of a second launch pad for ISRO, in Kulasekarapattinam has led to a controversy as there was an image of the Chinese flag on the rocket in the poster.

The advertisement was said to be commissioned by Animal Husbandry Minister of Tamil Nadu Anitha Radhakrishnan. She did it in her personal capacity and highlighted the DMK’s role in bringing the long pending project to the state.
Though the Minister was not available for an explanation, Thoothukudi MP Kanimozhi in whose constituency the ISRO facility will be built, acknowledged the error and stated that it was an error done by the artwork designer.
Prime Minister Modi and the BJP have pointed out the error and expressed their displeasure. They also slammed the DMK government and said that the DMK should be punished for their deeds.


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