Controlling Emotions Among Partners


Dealing with an emotional partner is often a pain that feels like walking on broken eggshells. And this is because having a rational objective conversation with your partner feels like a chore. Every time you try calmly talking to your partner, all you get is an emotional overreaction or a burst of anger. So, if your partner is like this and you don’t know how to cope with them then read what many relationship experts have mentioned all over.

3 reasons for emotional instability

1) Anger issues: One of the reasons why your partner can’t control his/her emotions is because they might have anger management issues. They perceive every conversation as a stressful argument, which leads them to have a short fuse

2) Depression: An unknown reason for your partner being emotionally volatile is depression. Suddenly crying or getting overwhelmed when someone disagrees with them are indicators of such behavior

3) Anxiety: At times, failure to deal with anxiety also leads to an emotional meltdown.

3 ways to deal with it

1) Listen: The worst thing you can do is provoke your partner by reacting back to their emotional outburst. “Rather, let them finish and be calm. However, this doesn’t mean that you become their punching bag. If the situation doesn’t dissolve, walk away,” says Sadhoo.

2) Avoid the trigger: “Try to figure out what triggers your partner and what calms them down. For example, if going to the gym relaxes your partner, then do that.

3) Get help: You can only help to a point, and if that doesn’t work then get professional help as their behavior might end up being toxic for you.




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