Colours of Banaras in Bangalore


Renowned designer Mrinalini Gupta brings to Bengaluru the rich heritage of Banaras. Devoid of embellishment, stripped of the luxury of color , this collection explores the murk that mingles with the mystic. Raw burlaps, tea soaked crumpled cotton; linen and linen Jersey intermingle with gauze to create a contemporary line on Varanasi street. Homeless jackets, tea stained shirts, coffee soaked shirts casually layered with belts and shrugs create an all season classic line.

Mrinalini Gupta 2 (Copy)

A label that aims to fuse the basic love of things with the love of basic things, Mrinalini is an urban and contemporary reflection, mixing influences of art culture and philosophies to create lines that transcend trends.

Mrinalini Gupta 3 (Copy)

The collection is available at Collage Shop India, No 21/1, Wood Street, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore.



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