COLOROTHON Hyderabad 2015


COLOROTHON is a concept, a concept that is curiously creative, because it encapsulates something that is so fundamental, something that comes naturally to us. Over the years, we have succumbed to the systemic barriers, which stifle expression, choke creativity and prohibit imagination – we should be grateful if we can still ‘imagine’.No one ever had to teach us how to imagine, we just do.

Then why do we need to be taught to put that imagination on paper?We have had enough inputs over the years to tell us what we should imagine, but most of these inputs have taught is to unlearn imagination; that we cannot afford – the capability to imagine, makes us human.There are no should(s) in imagination, you just imagine.

COLOROTHON Hyderabad 2015 is an attempt to enter Guiness Book of World Records and Limca Book of Records for the largest number of people drawing in one platform



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