Cold blooded murder by minor girl


A 14 year old girl has been held for the cold blooded murder of her father. It is understood that her father disapproved of her relationship with a senior from her school who is currently pursuing his graduation. Due to this reason, the duo decided to do away with him. The girl and her friend committed the murder when her mother and brother had left for Puducherry.

She gave her businessman father milk laced with sleeping pills and stabbed him using a kitchen knife. The girl and her friend then made it to appear like a fire accident and poured petrol on the body and set it on fire. Pretending that it was a fire accident, they raised an alarm and called for a fire engine. The fire officials put out the fire and informed the police. However, they found tell tale signs that it was a crime scene and not an accidental fire. On interrogation, the girl confessed to having killed her father. The girl and her friend have been arrested and further investigations are on.



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