Cine Actor Navdeep’s New Pub Business in Hyderabad!



Actor Navdeep and pubs have an inseparable bonding. Taking this bonding to new high, Navdeep has launched a new pub of his own in the posh location of Hyderabad-west. Called as Beats Per Minute (BPM), the pub is located near Financial district in Gachibowli.

It’s learnt that the pub has very unique design which the ‘Chandamama’ star insisted to have. From having a big DJ shack to setting up a sizzling dance floor to cushy seating and wide varieties of drinks, the pub is going to give a great experience to party-goers. For great foodies, the pub offers large spread of starters suiting to their tastes. However, the pub doesn’t have any main courses and kept it strictly for revelers.



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