Child friendly spaces to be set up at all women police stations

Three child friendly all women police stations will be inaugurated at Tiruvallur district today. This is a joint venture by both the district police and the International Justice Mission. Both the Juvenile Justice Act and the Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences Act say that every child including child offenders should not only be given due protection and care but also be approached in a friendly manner.. The walls of the child friendly corners would be painted with cartoons.
It will have a caretaker and the children would be provided with food and toys. When their parents are brought for enquiry or they go to lodge a complaint, the children will be taken to these corners and kept there till the process is over. Instructions have been issued to all the 35 All Women Police Stations to set up this facility at the earliest. This space is to be away from the intimidating atmosphere of a police station and the suspects and lock up area should not be visible from the child friendly spaces.


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