Chennai Stands Fourth In The Ease Of Living


Chennai has secured the fourth rank in the ease of living among 49 cities in the million-plus category, according to a report on the Municipal Performance and Ease of Living Indices, 2020, issued by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. The city stood 14th in the previous survey. Chennai’s total score in the ease of living is 62.61 out of 100.

In the Citizen Perception Survey, it has ranked third. It has ranked high in overall safety and security. Water-logging is a major concern among citizens. During the northeast monsoon, many residents reported water-logging in their neighborhoods in the 15 zones.

Chennai’s performance in the quality of life, citizen perception, and sustainability is better than in economic ability, an area where it has scored lower than the other cities. Chennai is ranked 18th in the municipal performance index, which measures governance, planning, technology, finance, and services. It is ranked third in finance, 17th in services, 18th in technology, 44th in planning, and 25th in governance.



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