Chennai man sets new world record


Pradeep Babu from Chennai has set a new Noble World Record (an independent non-governmental organisation based in Lucknow) for the maximum number of bikes going over his chest. This feat took place in the YMCA Grounds in Nandanam where 1,222 bikes went over the chest of Pradeep in 37 minutes and 16 seconds. Pradeep practised for 11 long years to achieve this feat. The previous record holder was his master Hanshi Geribala and took place in the year 2009 when 1001 bikes went over his chest in 43 minutes.

The 23 year old black belt holder in karate started his practise 16 years ago under the guidance of Geribala who trained 40 students to break his record that he set in 2009. Pradeep had his first trial at the age of 14 when 300 bikes went over his chest. Over the years, he gradually increased the number of bikes. Till the day he set the record, he had only done 1000 bikes and it was his very first attempt with 1,222 bikes but his determination carried him through. Though his mother was worried, she did not stand in his way. It was his father who encouraged him a lot.
Pradeep is planning to take a shot at the civil services exams and also teaches karate to 200 children in his area. Like his mentor, he too hopes that his students break his record in the future.



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