Chennai International Fashion Week Season 8 at The Residency Towers, Chennai


‘Chennai International Fashion Week‘ (CIFW) is a fashion extravaganza, the city’s highly anticipated annual fashion event by bringing together designers of ethnic diversity and promote multicultural art in high fashion. The eighth annual edition of Chennai International Fashion Week is a glamorous annual event is produced by Storm Fashion Company and happened on July 12th and 13th, 2019 at Hotel The Residency Towers, Chennai.

The event featured seven celebrated fashion designers SANJANA JON (New York), JULES IDI AMIN (Chennai), NITYA SINGH (Bhopal), NAZIA SYED (Chennai), HARI ANAND (Kochi), UMA PRAJAPATI (Auroville) along with 25 young designers from Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science will be showcased their latest designs on the runway.

Mr. Gaurav Sharma, CEO Storm Fashion Company said that the show, the 54th Fashion Week for SFC, would present newest style statements. “30 Stunning models across India will showcase the artistry of the designers at 7.30 pm, 8:30 pm and 9:30pm respectively on the 12th & 13th July.

Mr. Erin Louis, GM Residency Towers Chennai, said that he was happy to be the official host to Chennai City’s biggest international fashion event. Chennai International Fashion Week also featured an eclectic mix of show stoppers from different walks of life – actors, sportspersons and other eminent personalities.

Day 1: FRIDAY 12th July 2019


Razzle Dazzle 5.0 is all set to showcase the collection of B.Sc Fashion Design students of Hindustan Institute of Technology & Science. The beautiful and intricate designer wears of 25 students will be showcased by the leading models at Chennai International Fashion Week on July 12th 2019 between 6 and 8 p.m. The show is curated and coordinated by the renowned Fashion Designer Chaitanya Rao.


Walk for Water

A movement initiated by Dr Sanjana Jon at the Chennai International fashion week on the 12th of July Friday at 8.30pm.The collection represents water and the imperative need for us to constrain, conserve and be creatively consciously Environmentally Sustainable.

The whole collection is in shades of blue representing water. Long flowing evening wear that transforms and transcends to relay this message of power that fashion wields to not just convey the message through youth icons and role models but also to use more. Environmental friendly fabrics that are organic versus synthetic. Abstaining and not using. Leather and being conscientious. From the indo-western to western the collection resonates life.

A special message from Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee to the leaders who are walking for this very important cause to save water to save lives Walk for Water is a landmark movement for our future.


Jules Idi Amin, presents her exclusive resort wear collection ‘Wicked in Love’ featuring an unique set of vacation and beach wear, it is a Combination of innovative cuts and bold colours, flowy silhouettes juxtaposed with form fitting swim wear in bright and happy hues .inspired by the sun and the waves the collection features must have pieces for the effervescent woman. This is all you need to pack for your holiday, honeymoon, or your adventurous Ibiza party away from the high strung city life.

Day 2: SATURDAY 13th July 2019


Efflorescence! The collection is inspired by flowers, the floral motifs which are hand painter on glazed cotton fabric from light to bring tones depicting the growth & beauty that flowers reflect. A festive collection for women adding more to their elegance, beauty & sensuality.

NAZIA SYED (Chennai)

Introducing The Secret Garden, the latest collection from Nazia Syed, which draws inspiration from colours of  beautiful blooms ,exquisite birds and motifs from a fantasy garden filled with fairy-tale creatures, lush trellises and fountains filled with riches..

In this collection Nazia Syed has used plush fabrics like silks, satins and tulle in vibrant colours like marigold yellows, fuschia pinks, aquamarines, hibiscus reds with hints of glittering gold intricately embroidered with ornate motifs and detailing using coins, chains, zardozi and silk threads. Merging the East and the west she unveils The Secret Garden,  a fairy-tale coming alive.



Moksha emphasises on Salvation, the detachment

A route to purify your mind

It empowers you with a deeper state of awareness and heightens your energy

Clothes are necessary but colors are not

Highlights are not and embroideries are not important

Moksha is the liberation of all these extensions. Liberations from your ego

The line of silhouettes is very simple,

In fact no colors to highlight your presence and brighten your essence,

Significant details to match with your approach and intelligence

You are in the most powerful in your purest state of being.

Moksha brings the purest form of inner soul

Your ideology is unique and your flow is ideal

You have transcended to another dimension.

From ordinary to extra ordinary, you shall blow like the breeze into the

Realm of Moksha because you are magic


A collection celebrating royalty, grace, and elegance weaved through the threads of traditions. The design journey of Upasana is an exploration of indigo, natural exquisite dye on khadi to storytelling Kinkhab, a dream hand woven with golden yarns on silk.

The collection celebrates grandeur in the sustainability of hand-spun textiles, Khadi and Varanasi weaver’s Silk.

Handmade to be versatile and timeless, our monochrome Khadi pieces are a chic spin on wardrobe classics. Naturally dyed in Indigo, accentuating the look and feel of the fabric. Indigo Khadi is combined with Upasana’s festive pieces which are all about conscious and ethical luxury featuring Varanasi Weaver’s silk.



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