Chennai Day Gets Bigger And Better


The origin of Chennai city can be traced back to 380 years to a small fishing hamlet bought by the Britishers to set up their trading activities. As the city gears up to celebrate its 381st Foundation day, the nostalgia about Chennai’s history and heritage is the subject of Madras Day celebrations. Chennai city is metamorphosing into one of the major metropolises in the world, it is not just about the heritage of antiquity that has shaped up the growth of the city. 


Chennai city is not growing older but getting younger with more young people making it their city of dreams by migrating from various parts of the country. Chennai however been in the eye of the storm, be it natural disasters or socio-political upheavals. Chennaities have risen to face these challenges and played their role in shaping the destiny of the city.


“En Chennai Young Chennai” is an initiative to celebrate the energetic minds and tireless hands of young Chennaites who come together during turbulent times faced by Chennai during the last decade and a little more. These young Chennaites have contributed to the smooth functioning of our communities whenever they faced natural calamities such as floods, cyclones, covid, etc., and never forgot to raise their voice for their rights such as Jallikattu or any other social cause that impact the society.


En Chennai Young Chennai – Awards


As a part of the En Chennai Young Chennai celebrations, ten individuals/institutions who have contributed immensely to the cause of Chennai city during the last decade have been identified by an eminent jury and they will be recognized for making Chennai a better place of living. These are the people who have rolled up their sleeves and dirtied their hands when Chennai was marooned in floods or struck during a cyclone or distraught during a covid calamity or castigated due to a social anomaly. The awardees are renowned for their work in a widely diverse background such as lake restoration, enhancing reading habits, driving awareness for women & child safety, blood donation, food wastage prevention, transgender welfare, etc. 


This year’s En Chennai Young Chennai Awards was awarded by Former Minister of Tamil Official Language and Culture, Government of Tamil Nadu and Chairman & Director of CIEL – HR Services Mafoi K. Pandiarajan, Suresh Sambandam – Convenor of Dream Tamil Nadu & CEO of Kiss Flow, Renowned Culinary Expert & Guinness World Record holder Dr. Chef Damu & Renowned Actor, Social Activist & Founder of G-Mime Studio Mime Gopi.  

Here’s the list of awardees:

Meena Sathiyamoorthy – Women of Wonder

Karthik of ‘Dulkal Library – Reading Ambassador Award

Sandhiyan of Aware – Awareness Creator Award

Srivatsa Vema of Platelet Club – Life Saving Leader Award

Shakeera Banu – Super Social Woman Award

Gokula Rao – Rural Warrior

Arun Kumar of No Food Waste – Annapurna Award

Srijith Sundaram of Trans Community Kitchen – Changemakers Award

Asha Bhagyaraj and Anita Raj of At Connect – Group Magic Award

Karthikeyan Imayavaramban of Aatrupadai – Eco Warriors Award

En Chennai Young Chennai – Anthem


To celebrate the spirit of Young Chennai at The Idea Factory, a brand marketing startup conceptualized a musical anthem. The musical sensation of “Enna Mayilu” fame Britto Michael helmed this peppy song to seize the musical heartbeat of Chennai in traditional folk, classical, and Chennai’s local RAP. The musical anthem is voiced by renowned folk singer Antony Dasan, super singer fame Alka Ajit and Tony Sebastian.


Brand Blitz partnered with The Idea Factory to bring the concept of En Chennai Young Chennai rendition. The grand event was held at Le Lantern Magic Studios, Nungambakkam on 22 August 2021 (Chennai Day). This marketing initiative was supported by Viveks, Naga Foods, and Equitas Small Finance Bank. 


The song teaser had already created a buzz after its release. The album was dedicated to the undying spirit of young Chennai in the august presence of the guests. The album was an instant hit and received wholeheartedly by the youngsters of Chennai.



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