Chennai activist Sneha tweets from PMs Twitter handle


Sneha Mohandas, a 27-year-old activist from Chennai who is the founder of Foodbank India was one of the first women from across India to tweet from Prime Minister’s Twitter handle on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Her first lines were “You heard of food for thought, Now it’s time for action and a better future for our poor.” She urged people to feed at least one needy person in order to create a hunger-free planet. Foodbank was founded in 2015 and is an NGO that works towards eradication hunger.

They organize mass cooking and food donations and request people to donate excess food at weddings or other events to prevent wastage. Sneha is of the opinion that social media is a very powerful tool to reach out to the masses and was extremely honored to get the opportunity to tweet from the Prime Minister’ s Twitter handle. Her goal is to eliminate wastage and to spread awareness about hunger. Volunteers from Foodbank pick up food from anyone who wants to donate and then distribute it to the homeless.



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