Cheering the cricket frenzy nation


Next time you see an MC at the ground cheering for Royal Challengers Bangalore and talking between overs and cheering with the rest of Bangalore when it’s a boundary, watch out for MC Ashish Dubey, who is bringing the IPL action live from the Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bangalore. The 2017 season of the Indian Premier League, IPL 10, which is in its tenth season, a professional Twenty20 cricket league established by the Board of Control for Cricket in India is seeing a rise in its fan following year after year.

MC Ashish Dubey, who studied in MIT, Manipal followed by an MBA worked as an independent strategic management consultant. He shares, “Having worked in the Fortune 500 companies, it was not an easy decision to dive full-time into the passion for MCing, but when I got this opportunity I knew this is just what I wanted to do. It started with MCing in my college days and continued to corporate events in my previous companies at their international meets. When I got to be the organiser of a recently held consultants’ meet, I was on cloud nine as I was anchoring at an event that saw the presence of some of the biggest world leaders.”

So how did MCing for IPL happen for Ashish? “IPL has been my favourite format of cricket since its inception and cricket being my favourite sport it plays an important role in my life. Being associated with the thing you have always looked upto is something I had never imagined. I’m now in the midst of the heat of the cricket frenzy and capturing some fun moments like stealing those in-between the balls moments to making the crowd cheer after you. Although it isn’t all a cakewalk and there are quite a few challenges like one has to be on your toes and completely alert all the time, as one cannot afford to miss that second when it’s a boundary or a wicket before the bowler is set for his next run up. At the same time you can’t afford to talk even for a second extra as it might take away the concentration of the bowler or the batsman. I hope to be on the discussion panel of IPL in Extraaa Innings in the next season.”



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