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Just B Au Naturel presents a range of exciting products for women.


– Detox Mineral Mask Face & Body– INR. 750

With activated charcoal, this Mineral Clay Mask is packed with highly concentrated vitamins and minerals that purify, nourish and fuel the skin deep beneath the surface.


– Organic Face Toner- INR. 750

A Facial Toner, Pore Reducer and Brightener : Refresh and balance the PH level of your skin with this gentle, non-irritating toner. Alchohol – free formula that tones and refreshes skin without ever drying.


-Pure Argan Oil- INR. 1800

A fast absorbing oil that miraculously restores your skin, hair and nails – use it daily as a moisturizer, or to heal and condition everything from cuticles to split ends. Helps build collagen, reduces the appearance of fine lines & scars, strengthens and repairs nails, improves hair texture and treat split ends. It’s the perfect beauty oil for face, hands, body, hair and nails and is aptly called ‘Liquid Gold’.


-Rhassoul Clay Cleanser- INR. 1500

Detoxify congested skin and balance oil production  with this anti-oxidant-packed, multi-use cleanser and clarifying mask. Minimize the appearance of existing acne and eliminate the impurities and bacteria that cause it and clear your skin  with this versatile clay cleanser that delicately absorbs impurities.




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