Check Out ‘Alexander Jeans’ for men by Rohit Bal !


Amazon Fashion has launched a fabulous new collection by Rohit Bal

Denim is a wardrobe staple which can be dressed up or down with relative ease. But
what if there’s a modern and unique twist to this staple? Amazon Fashion has launched a fabulous new collection called ‘Alexander Jeans’ for men by Rohit Bal. A plain denim may sound basic, but not when it is reloaded with patchwork and applique with embroidery, making it a perfect apparel choice for our fashion forward customers! Rohit Bal is recognized for meticulous attention to detail. He draws from influences, wide and varied. From the village crafts and traditional methods of design that India is so rich in, to the transient phenomenon of the sub continent’s urban landscape, the designer brings them all to life in his spectacular yet original language.

The Alexander Jeans for men by Rohit Bal collection is young, affordably priced and embellished with intricate details, a collection straight from his heart. It is made keeping in mind the younger generation and is a culmination of various influences brought together by only the finest tailoring. Commenting on this collaboration, Rohit Bal said, “I’m extremely thrilled to be associated with Amazon Fashion to showcase my collection which is trendy, chic, stylish and adventurous. I thank Amazon Fashion for making me a part of their wonderful family and look forward to many more exciting and fashionable projects!”

Rohit is intensely concerned with design as an art form and draws on history, fantasy, and folklore to create masterpieces that are desired by discerning aficionados around the globe. The Alexander Jeans collection reflect influences from the village crafts and traditional methods of Indian design, to the transient phenomenon of the subcontinent’s urban landscape brought to life in spectacular yet original language. Alexander Jeans collection by Rohit Bal for men is now available on Amazon Fashion in 22 styles at an affordable price range of INR 7,000- INR 12,000.




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