Chasing Dreams – A Tete A Tete With Akshay Varma!


The refreshingly new media and events team in Kochi who are determined to shake things up! 

They may be new on the block but they definitely mean business! Vallaki is a team of talented young professionals who have set their hearts on earnestly building a brand that’s a cut above the rest. Ritz catches up with Akshay Varma, Co-founder of Vallaki, the refreshingly new media and events team in Kochi who are determined to shake things up a bit in God’s own country!

Interview: Riya Sonny Datson

What inspired you to give up a steady job and steer to entrepreneurship?

I was always keen on starting something on my own. Since I was working with media and events for the last 6 years, I had my finger on the pulse of the industry. Quite unexpectedly, all of a sudden, things started to fall into place – towards our goal of setting up a company. I felt, this was the right time to start something – all the more because we are a young team and we are in the most productive phase of our lives! Thankfully when I discussed this idea with Rakesh and our partners, they were all equally interested in creating a team of experts from various fields and thus, Vallaki was formed.

What does the name ‘Vallaki’ mean?

Vallaki means Veena. Veena is regarded as the most auspicious musical instrument according to Indian Mythology. Veena belongs to goddess Saraswathi who is the ultimate source of knowledge and creativity. Hence we felt it was apt. Moreover, all of us loved the name.

What kind of services does Vallaki offer to its clients?

Our services can be broadly classified into two segments: Media and Events. In media, we handle ATL concepts, TVCs, radio campaigns, print campaigns, Corporate Videos, Profile Making and all kinds of media production. In terms of events, we help you design and execute Weddings, Corporate Events, Medical Conferences, Seminars and Exhibitions, MICE, Product Activation, Mall Activities, Wedding Photography and so on.

How is Vallaki different from other event management companies?

The fact is we are not just an event management company. We are a one stop solution for all your media and event management requirements. Our team consists of many an illustrious name from the field of cinema, advertising, music, radio and event management. This impeccable set of talents is our biggest strength and the reason why we believe that we can provide you with the best in-class services.
That’s what makes us different from others

Your brand philosophy is……..     

Own your work and live it!

Tell us about the team behind Vallaki.

We have a fantastic team of many established professionals from various fields. They have associated with Vallaki as consultants and partners. Rakesh KR, who is a software professional based in Dubai is the backbone of Vallaki. We have violin maestro Balabhaskar, RJ Mathukkutty, Actor and Director Roopesh Peethambaran, Ad film maker Sreedev Chandrabhanu, Photographer Neelesh EK, among others.

What are the challenges you face as a new team?

We are a new brand with not many projects to showcase but all our partners mentioned above have a very strong profile as individuals. All of them are well established and well experienced. So you can call us a fresh company with an experienced team. The challenge is to establish Vallaki as an equally promising brand as each of us in the team.

Tell us about the most memorable event handled by Vallaki.

I have to say that Ritz Anniversary Bash held at Kochi Marriott was one of the most memorable events we have done and we are really thankful to Aruna R Krishnan for believing in us and considering us as the event partner for such an elite event.

What are your upcoming events?

We have a couple of high profile weddings and corporate events that are scheduled for the end of this year.

What is on the bucket list for Vallaki? 

Once we establish ourselves as the most reliable and affordable brand, we would like to get into cinema production someday.



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