Charles Sobhraj’s wife discloses his future plans


Nihita Biswas, a lawyer who married serial killer Charles Sobhraj in 2008 spoke to reporters about the future plans after the release of her husband. She stated that she was elated on his long awaited release and that he has to have a proper health check up. According to her, plans are being made to send him back to his family in France for security reasons. Sobhraj had a heart surgery and he may need another one.

Charles Sobhraj was released from Central Jail in Nepal on Friday after the court ordered his release on grounds of old age and deteriorating health condition. The court held that the 78 year old Sobhraj should be released as he had already completed 95% of his jail term. The court also ordered the government to make arrangements for repatriating Sobhraj to his home country within 15 days.



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