Charles Sobhraj to be released from prison on health grounds


Serial killer Charles Sobhraj who is now 78 years old who has been in prison for a very long period is to be released from a Nepal jail on health grounds. His release was ordered by Nepal’s Supreme Court.

Charles Sobhraj was linked to more than 20 murders and his victims were either strangled, beaten or burned and he is said to have used the passports of his male victims to travel to his next destination.
BBC has made a hit series on his life titled “The Serpent ” for Netflix. It is based on his ability to assume other identities in order to evade justice. He was arrested in India in 1976 and sentenced to 12 years for murder of a French tourist. He was later given a life sentence for killing a US tourist. In 2008, while in prison, he married Nihita Biswas, the daughter of his Nepalese lawyer, who is 44 years younger than him.



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