Celebs Dazzled At FB Awards 2020-21


Faiza Khan & Benita Organized FB Awards 2020-21 at Holiday Inn Chennai with many celebrities like Ineya, Babloo Prithvi Raj, Uma Riyaz, Riyas Khan, Sakshi Aggarwal, Abhirami Venkatachalam, Aishwarya Dutta, Yashika Anand, and more. It was a successful event and there was a charity moment which happened between the show, during which groceries and books were distributed to orphanage and old age home and expecting many more events in future.

Faiza & Benita have done FB Namma Chennai’s Largest Fashion walk which was an Asia and India Book of record in 2020 with 453 no of models on-ramp and it was a charity event for cancer patients. After the successful completion of FB Record now they have come back with the very big event, FB Fashion & Business Award. They have also launched their FB Magazine in this award with all celebrities on stage and it went with a lot of appreciation and love from many celebrities.



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