Celebrity Chef’s 25 Year Romance With India


 Chef Hermann Grossbichler was born In  Austria and Spent time in Switzerland where developed a likeness for Italian cuisine, traveled the world in a cruise liner and eventually began a 25-year-romance with India that continues to this day. That’s the spirit that guided him as he launched the iconic La Piazza at Delhi’s Hyatt Regency 25 years ago to introduce the city to authentic Italian cuisine for the first time. It’s been an exciting journey over the past quarter of a century. It has never been difficult to cater to the Indian taste buds since every culture is indirectly related.

It’s all about having a long-term vision and offering the right experience to your customers. Indians love to eat different types of food every time they go out and with Italian being one of the most popular cuisines, it is always in demand. Indians are also extremely knowledgable and well-informed about Italian cuisine which is why the authentic Italian menu has done so well wherever we have introduced it. Noting that there are similarities between Indian and Italian cuisines as the two countries are quite similar to each other in terms of their culture and history

Grossbichler said that in both cuisines, “spices and carbs have a really important role to play”. Grossbichler is currently Executive Chef at the Grand Hyatt Kochi. Since the city is heavy on seafood, which doesn’t find too much of a place in Italian cuisine, However, In Kochi, Italian cuisine is a big hit for destination weddings. He also does a lot of European food and grills using local ingredients to adapt to people’s tastes. According to him, a good chef must understand the flavors and textures come together to make a great dish and alter dishes to adapt to people’s preference.



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