Celebrate your ‘Lohri’ with Sparkling Hues



The contemporary fall winter 2016 runways emphasised a key inclination that inspired fine, diamond jewelry. The possibility of having a decorative or vintage piece without having to pay, the hefty escalated price tag is that which has ensured the unique proposition of Sparkling Hues to come out with an exclusive ‘Glittering Lohri’ collection.


Traditional jewelry proved to be a mammoth muse for designers on the runways this year. Sparkling Hues lead this mode for the diamond collections where luxurious gemstone styles were created to adorn your contented looks. The varieties includes man made diamond ‘Astralite’ – the brightest and finest, hand crafted moissanite, lab grown emeralds and sapphires grown from natural seed crystals.


Forget the old-lady connotations with this exclusive new trend, for a high-low passé look, mixed with lab grown diamonds.


Get a heads up on the must-haves for the season; where rich, vintage jewels, striking ornaments, and new-fangled statement pieces become the glistening accouterments to plunge the gazes.



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