Celebrate Holi With The Redrawlife team At Hampi


This Weekend, the adventure team from Kochi invites you to celebrate Holi!

“Though we often hear that Holi is a northern Indian festival, it appears to be celebrated with much vigour at a place in South India: Yes its Hampi! It’s one of the most fun festivals you will ever experience, a festival wherein you get a license to play like a 10 year old again. A time when you cannot be angry with anyone, and the bright dry and liquid dyes spread generously over everyone, friend and stranger, is met and given with a big smile and wishes of “Happy Holi! Who wouldn’t want to do that?! Thats not all, you get to ride and explore this ancient town in your own cycles and get a taste of the local cuisine too,” invites the adventure team at Redrawlife, Kochi.

Hampi, is the ancient capital city of the glorious Vijayanagar Empire. Situated in the northern part of Karnataka this UNESCO Heritage Site spreads across 26 sq km of ancient architecture in the form of temples and other buildings. Redrawlife invites you for some fun and adventure from March 10th- 13th, 2017. Book online: http://bit.ly/2kIMa7V



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