Catch the dance solo “Thalamus” by Urs Dietrich


“We are all scattered into so many fragments that we neither know who we actually are, nor how we should identify ourselves. So many contradicting voices, feelings, emotions in constant conflict, unable to guide and lead our inner-life, which in many bits and pieces lies astray in all directions – and no one is “at home”, in peace with one’s own self…”
(Sogyal Rinpoche, Buddhist teacher and author of the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying)


Based on the above text and from Dietrich’s internal experiences and external observations, Thalamus, a dance-solo, came into being. Here the individual is in search of the basics and essentials. Simple details are composed into drama.

The energetic single-handed attempt of the dancer, the deliberate alternation between breaks and contradictions, together with Dietrich’s choreographic work contributes to a great deal of irony. Without compromise, he leads one into the secrets of transformation and disillusionment of real time.

Venue: Space, Beasant nagar

Date & time: 21 January, 6 pm



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