Cassettes make a comeback


A little plastic rectangle containing homemade mixtapes of yesteryear having side A and side B will be seen again as top musicians like Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber are releasing their music on tape. Steve Step the founder of the National Audio Company in Mussoorie said that the introduction of the CD  cut his business but despite the astronomical rise, streaming rock bands like Pearl Jam and the Smashing Pumpkins began seeking to manufacture their  anniversary tapes in the mid 2000 launching a cassette come back to earth.

Since November, Mulann, a French company has rebooted production. The Mulann group has acquired a plant to produce analogue audio tapes under the trademark recording’ The Masters’. Cassette tape album sales in the US increased by 23% in 2018 jumping from 1,78,000 copies to  2,19,000 copies.



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