Carl & The Reda Mafia’s ‘Million Miles’ features Prarthana Indrajith


Prarthana Indrajith wins over fans with her beautiful rendition of the song

The all new music video by the Dubai based band Carl & The Reda Mafia features the very talented Prarthana Indrajith, daughter of film celebrities Indrajith Sukumaran and Poornima Indrajith. Prarthana does a fantastic rendition of the song ‘Million Miles’. The video has been beautifully shot giving it a vintage English feel to the song.

This is not the first time that Prarthana has impressed her fans. She has sung for Malayalam movies like ‘The Great Father’ and of course once can not forget the famous song ‘La la laletta’ from the film Mohanlal. Earlier this year she had also rendered the Tamil song ‘Un Koodave’ from the movie ‘Anbirkiniyal’ which is the remake of Tamil film, ‘Helen’. This bright sixteen year old has definitely got her own career all chalked out with her beautiful voice.




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