Get Festive Ready With India Circus By Krsnaa Mehta


The festive season is here and what better way to make sure that your home is beautiful. The essence of flowers, diyas, and lanterns makes every house a heavenly abode. It not only sets the perfect ambiance but also the light symbolizes knowledge and wisdom. Enhance and beautify your homes with the colourful and glowy lanterns by India Circus and welcome this festive season with lit candles and glowy lanterns.

 Flight of Cranes Dahlia Paper Lantern


Great for suspending in parties or otherwise as home decor, the Flight of Cranes Dahila Paper Lantern is a great addition to your interiors. With a honeycomb finish, these paper lanterns create a lovely mood in your home setting. Majorly filled with pink flowers, the cranes enjoy their flight as they are seen flying high in the sky. A treat to the eyes, this design is unrealistically pleasant. 

Floral Hooting Paper Lantern 

Assembling the Floral Hooting Dahila Paper Lantern is the simplest thing that happened to your home decor. And the best part is that it is friendly to your pocket. This range of indoor origami lanterns makes a great addition to your home decor. The design on this hanging lantern features florals along with hooting owls in a whimsical and enchanting beige background, indicating daylight, when the owl is usually asleep. 

Lattice Chevron Mystery Paper Lantern

With mesmerizing brilliance, the Lattice Chevron Mystery Paper Lantern from the house of India Circus perfectly goes with your indoor and outdoor home decor. The design on our designer hanging paper lantern is vibrant and exudes a high-end boutique appeal to your home decor. 

Lavender Scented Glass Votives

The floral lavender essential is the perfect aroma for relaxing and calming. At India Circus, the fragrance is available in small glass votives to make the perfect setting for your evening. The fragrance of lavender is used in aromatherapy and can rejuvenate and inspire a tired person. It can also relax, soothe, and slow down a person who is stressed or tense.

Copper Japanese Cherry Blossom Scented Bowl Candle

Add some chicness to your home decor with our Copper Japanese Cherry Blossom Bowl Candle. Let your guests indulge in the mild fragrance of the pale pink blooms of the Yoshino cherry tree. Light up a bowl candle to make a perfect evening setting. The fragrance is soothing and adds charm to one’s living room. 

Golden Glass Votives Gift Box (Set of 2)

Looking at gifting a perfect votives gift box set? The Golden Glass votives gift box is ideal for gifting this festive season. Shop for this glass votive and get 9 tea light candles along with this gift box set. 

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