Can actress Samanta take the burden Of ‘A… Aa’?




Too much of anything is too bad, even our favourite dishes can be relished once in a while but if it’s in excess, it becomes an overdose.

Summer has been a special season for actress Samanta; ‘24, Brahmotsavam’ have released and now ‘A… Aa’ is set for a grand release.

However, one factor worrying ‘A… Aa’ producer China Babu is the criticism that Sam is getting. Critics have been harsh with ‘24’ and ‘Brahmotsavam’ because of Samanta’s characterisation. At a time when ‘24’ was ought to become more exciting, romantic episodes shot on Sam, Suriya pulled the film to quite a big low. Then, Samanta’s entry in ‘Brahmotsavam’ again killed the film and her language dialect was unbearable.

Let’s face it, Samanta has become monotonous. Her dialogue delivery or characterisations are lacking the depth to sync with Telugu viewers. ‘A… Aa’ is a film completely focusing on Samanta. Can she shoulder the burden? Let’s see, what Trivikram has packed inside?



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