Call to youth


Congress President Rahul Gandhi called out to the youth of the country to join the party. He said that he had cleared the stage for them to take over. In a departure from tradition, all senior party leaders were seated in the audience.

Rahul Gandhi public meeting at anjar in Kutch, during Gujarat Election… Express photo javed raja.. 5-12-2017

The stage as such was empty with only a lectern for the speakers. He said that in the previous election, the youth of India pushed Modiji’s vehicle but when it got into motion, Lalit Modi and Nirav Modi got into it and the youth were left behind. He made it clear that the party seniors will have to make way for new faces and his primary job was to break the wall between the workers and the leaders. An example of what the Congress workers could do was shown in the Gujarat elections. He concluded saying that the workers will show how the Congress can fight back in 2019.



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