Cake Mixing at Grand Mercure, Mysore


The luxurious Grand Mercure Mysore held its first cake mixing ceremony Sunday. A yearly tradition prior to Christmas, this activity witnessed around 50 participants that included corporates and guests partaking with a lot of fun and enthusiasm.


Cake mixing in earlier times was an opportunity for people to come together, and this tradition is considered as a preface to Christmas for making the much desired Christmas Plum cakes. The first step in the process – the mixing, is believed to be a forerunner of prosperity and happiness and for the cake mixing at Grand Mercure Mysuru, 100 kgs of dry fruits were mixed with alcohol by in preparation of celebrating their first Christmas this year. An array of dry fruits which comprised of – tutti fruity, raisins, cashews, apricots and almonds along with a tinge of cinnamon were added.

The participants fully prepared with gloves and aprons ready to dip their hands to this mixture, enthusiastically added red wine, brandy, rum vodka, and orange juice to the ingredients and marked the start of the festive season by beginning the festivities. “The entire mixture will be left to soak in all the flavours for a month post which it will be used as the base ingredient to make close to 300 cakes. The cakes are made with 40% of the mixture combined with 40 % of the dough and the alcohol constitutes the remaining 20% for the cake,” said Executive Chef, Mukhul Jha.




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