Caferides Setting New Riding Trends In Kerala!


Create your own motorcycle diaries with luxury motor cycle rentals from Caferides!

Over the last couple of years, adventure tourism has gained much momentum in Kerala and caferides promises to give a boost to Kerala tourism with their new venture. Riders aged 21 are welcome to make their bookings with the company which offers luxury motor cycles like Harley Davidson and Royal Enfield, that are equipped with GPS device. Caferides also offers accessories like helmets, jackets, cameras and other safety gear on rental.

“With plenty of diverse terrains, high ranges and hill stations, Kerala always attracts nature enthusiasts and adventure travelers. The thrill of exploring the places on a luxury motorcycle is incomparable and nothing will beat that experience. At Caferides, we help motorcycle enthusiasts, adventure holiday travelers and destination explorers to discover and enjoy the places on two wheels.

Caferides is built on our passion for premium motorcycles and we are happy to live our passion in the best possible manner, offering quick, easy and convenient luxury motorcycle rental services. We live to fulfill the dream of every biker to experience the high-end motorcycles,” says the team at Caferides.


To Check out their fleet in Kochi, Call +91-7558909755 for more details.



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