Cafe Coffee Day founder cremated


Siddhartha Hegde, the man who made many people bond over coffee is no more. He was cremated yesterday after his body was found in the river Nethravati near Mangaluru.  His body was found by a group of local fishermen. His mobile phone has also been recovered.. He was cremated in his family’s coffee estate in Chatanhalli village in Hassan district. His eldest son Amartya Hedge lit the funeral pyre whilst the other family members struggled with their emotions.

Siddhartha was an inspiration to many people. Thousands of people gathered to pay their last respects at Coffee Day Global at Chikkamagaluru. where the family owned huge estates. The police are investigating into the circumstances leading to his death. They have traced a letter written by him to the Income Tax Department blaming them for his succumbing to the situation. Meanwhile his wife Malavika Hegde may be appointed as Chairperson and Managing Director of Coffee Day enterprises. She is already on the board of directors and the board will have to take this decision after she recovers from the personal tragedy.



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