Bus services to resume after 5 months


It has been a little more than 5 months since lockdown was announced due to the coronavirus pandemic. The city of Chennai is slowly limping  back to normal. All offices are allowed to reopen with 100% staff, bus services will resume and even malls and hotels are permitted to reopen. Metro rail will resume from September 7th.

However, schools, colleges, theatres and parks will remain closed. The MTC will run its entire fleet of 3000 buses on the first day. As there are 44 seats, only 22 passengers will be allowed to board the bus. No passenger can travel standing. The bus crew will wear masks and gloves and all passengers will have to wear masks. There will be a hands free sanitiser dispenser stand at the entrance of every bus for the public to use. People have been advised to follow social distancing norms, not to crowd anywhere and to take necessary precautions.



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