Bungee jumping at Phoenix Marketcity Bangalore


Bungee jumping is the most liberating sport ever invented. There is nothing in this world as thrilling and as adventurous as bungee jumping. Gold Rush Entertainment and Mercureal Sports in association with Phoenix Marketcity brings back Bungee to Bangalore after 2 years with international certified instructors!

Bungee Jumpin

The Jump masters have been certified by Bungee Expert Jean Pascal and have conducted over 20,000 successful jumps in India with a 100% track record. With imported German mountaineering equipment and CE Certified harnesses, your safety is assured!

Bungee Jumpin1

Bungee is open to anyone who has normal Blood Pressure, weighs over 35 Kilos but less than 120 kilos and who are not under the influence of alcohol & drugs.

We have had young boys from age 7 to people who want to tick Bungee off their bucket list at 85 jumps with us!

Bungee Jumpin2

If you have the nerves of steel and the heart of an adventurer, bungee jumping is your activity at Phoenix Marketcity! Come, take the plunge and get your license to Fly!



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