Brown versus Black Kajal



If there’s one beauty product that an Indian girl can’t go without, it is unquestionably kajal. From children to young girls, from middle aged to old aged women, we find almost everyone around us adorning Kajal in their eyes. It has become an essential commodity in almost every Indian woman’s handbag. The history of Kajal (Kohl or collyrium), which is called Kuhl in Arabic, can be traced back to the Egyptian kings and queens, who used Kajal as a sign of authority, beauty and protection of their eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. Women like it so much since it has the ability to add definition to the eyes and transform a sleepy face into a beautiful awakened face. However, many women do not know that Kajal need not always be black. It can also be brown, blue or violet. Brown kajal out of all shades gives the most natural and soft look, which makes your eyes look brighter and bigger. Black kajal or other darker shades make your eyes look smaller. Brown Kajal underlines the eye, without too much dramatic effect like the black kajal. You can even make winged effect or cat effect with brown eye, which will look more seamless and natural than the black kajal. Everyone knows that monochromatic look is in high trend right now, a complete gold, bronze or peach look goes well with brown kajal and eyeliner. While using brown kajal, always accompany it with brown mascara, brown lipstick, brown blush, brown eyebrow pencil, and eyeliner. This will ensure that everything blends in and looks very natural. For eye shadow, you can use gold shimmer, as it goes well with brown shade. If you want to use browns for eveningwear, just apply a double coat of everything instead of one.



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