British Royal Family celebrates Easter with new royal portraits


The Royal Family celebrated Easter by sharing two new portraits of Queen Elizabeth and her son Prince Charles. The pictures were taken in the grounds of Frogmore House in Windsor Castle where the Queen has been living ever since the breakout of the pandemic last year. The Queen usually lives in the Buckingham Palace in London.

These portraits were taken by royal photographer Chris Jackson and it shows mother and son enjoying a walk through the beautiful gardens with flowers and blossoms. They are seen in warm coats and the Queen also has a floral headscarf. In one picture, they are seen laughing while standing in front of a bridge that goes over a pond.
While one image was shared on the royal family Instagram account, the other was posted on the Clarence House Instagram page which is dedicated to the work and activities of Prince Charles and his wife Camilla.
The house and the gardens will be open to visitors in 2022. The Queen is said to be very fond of Frogmore House and the family enjoys picnics in the grounds. The House was not occupied by the Royal Family till the pandemic struck. It was earlier used to entertain Prince Harry and Meghan who held their wedding reception there in May 2018.



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