BRITA commences operations in India


BRITA, the global pioneers in water filtration technologies commenced operations in India with the launch of their new range of Water Purifiers, MyPure Max at Ritz Carlton in Bengaluru. The new-age range of Water Purifiers was unveiled by actor Dia Mirza along with Hartmut Wolf, Managing Director- Product Development, BRITA India and Melanie Aselmann, Managing Director – Expansion, BRITA India. BRITA, with more than 50 years of expertise exclusively in drinking water optimisation is present in more than 66 countries across the world and is known for the superior quality of their water filtration products.
BRITA India aims to hydrate India sustainably and perfect their drinking water solutions to make the country healthier. The BRITA range of Water Purifiers have been made for Indian water conditions using German Engineering and Expertise. BRITA introduced their RO+UV range of Water Purifiers, MyPure Max, which recovers up to 50% water as compared to conventional RO+UV water purifiers in the country. Their flagship model, Mypure Max 7S, in-line with their German Engineering values features not only a best-in-class RO membrane with a purification capacity of 3000 TDS but also  an ALKATRON Mineralizer which adds essential minerals and anti-oxidants, balancing the pH level of water. To ensure safety, Mypure Max 7S also comes with filter replacement alerts and a stainless steel tank that ensures hygiene and the family’s well-being.
Hartmut Wolf, Managing Director- Product Development said, “We, at BRITA are passionate to provide the best to our consumers. With a penchant for performance, BRITA India aims to provide clean and safe water to our patrons by using cutting edge technology and ensuring minimal water wastage.” Melanie Aselmann, Global Product Marketing Director, commented, “As one of the leading global companies, BRITA prides itself in developing localized innovations grounds-up that can solve unique challenges of water purification across the world. We have spent a considerable amount of time in the Indian market, and especially Bangalore to test water samples. The insights derived from this elaborate exercise have led us to build innovative water purification products that not only suit Bangalore, but the interests of the larger Asian market. Our launch in India reiterates our commitment towards the betterment of water quality across the globe. As the technology hub and with its mix of cosmopolitan crowd, Bangalore offers immense potential and is an ideal market to start our Indian journey and beyond.” Dia Miza said, “I am pleased to be associated with BRITA India. The brand is synonymous with reliability and durability, and the water purifiers are a testament to the brand’s heritage. In a country, where water is scarce and unsafe, BRITA has crafted their water purifiers to ensure that the cleanest and purest water reaches you. At the same time, their effort to make a sustainable water purifier is commendable.”



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