Bride from UP finds runaway groom and brings him to the Mandap


A woman from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh had to search for her groom who developed cold feet on the day of the marriage and refused to get married. She was dressed in her wedding attire and had to travel over 20 kilometres to find her groom.

She had been in a relationship with him for over 2 years and when he did not show up at the mandap, she decided to go looking for him herself. The groom told her over the phone that he had gone to bring his mother to the venue but the bride did not believe him.
She found him in a bus near a police station outside the city limits of Bareilly and after dramatic exchanges, the wedding was conducted in a temple outside Bareilly city. Videos of the ceremony show the groom dressed in plain clothes for the marriage ceremony.
The bride was praised for her courage by both families while the groom was chided for running away from the scene after promising to marry the girl.


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