Brewing Happiness


Since it opened doors in 2013, Olive Bistro has offered a peerless treat to diners. An urbane getaway in the heart of Hyderabad, the sun-drenched Mediterranean island has unmatched views and delicious food. Earlier last year, the group opened its first Microbrewery within the premises named The Hoppery, with its infamous tag line “No BS, Only Brews”. In order to do more justice to the term ‘brew’, the brand strategically collaborated with The Roastery Coffee House, spearheaded by one of the only two certificate master coffee roasters in India, Nishanth Sinha.

The Roastery Coffee house brings over its finest single estate coffee beans. Grown with love by experts from the best plantations in Chikmagalur, the flavours are mild and not too acidic, with a full bodied exotic taste and a fine aroma. On offer are Mandalkan Coffee with berry notes, the Monsoon Malabar, which is a the world’s most sought after Indian Coffee, the Thogarihunckle Coffee which have notes of dark chocolate. The interesting menu includes Pour Overs, Cold Brews, Ice Cream Blends, Black Coffees and Milk Coffees. For the hot summer to come, the Pomegranate Cold Brew is a winner with no acidity, served in a wine glass. The Affogato and Cookie Blend Coffees are winners for those in need of a brain freeze in the heat. Also on the menu are Coffee Mojito and Macchiato. The foamy, creamy and hot Cappuccino are served with great coffee art that leaves a lasting impression!



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