Brew Yourself a Coffee Break


Here are Top Five Ways To Celebrate Your Love For Coffee This International Coffee Day With Airbnb’s Unique Stays and Online Experiences.

Every coffee bean goes through a long journey before it reaches your morning table. And if done right, it can be one of the most fulfilling experiences. That’s why to some, coffee is more than just the morning pick-me-up. It’s a culture, a lifestyle, and a choice that they make every day. There is, however, a lot to coffee that many of us don’t know about. For instance, have you ever wondered, how long should coffee be steeped or how coarse should it be for the best brew? This International Coffee Day, Airbnb has a lot to offer if you’re looking to dive deeper into the world of coffee.

You can choose some of Airbnb’s Online Experiences to learn about the basic rules for a delicious, satisfying cup from experienced coffee connoisseurs. Or you can even take a trip to a homestay located on a sprawling coffee estate and discover the joys of the drink firsthand. Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure, your experience will change the way you look at coffee forever.

Coffee Masterclass

Coffee guru Ricardo doesn’t toe the line when it comes to coffee. Hailing from the mecca of coffee, Ricardo is a coffee taster by profession, a judge in Mexico’s national coffee competitions, and the founder and CEO of Borola Café in Mexico. His mission for the masterclass is to change the way people think about their coffee and discusses everything that’s considered to be a great cup of coffee and why.  From the basic concepts, and the many processes, to the neuroscience of flavor, Ricardo along with his co-hosts, cover it all to help you learn how to brew the perfect cup of coffee, every single time.
Duration: 1 Hour

All About Coffee With a Colombian Pro Taster & Barista

Can’t tell a macchiato from an espresso, or an Arabica from a Robusta? Then this masterclass is for you. Your host Leandro is a third-generation coffee producer in Columbia, one of the largest coffee exporters of the world. While enriching you with the history of coffee in Columbia, Leandro will take you through the nuances of brewing an impeccable cup of joe right at your home. In his hour-long session, not only will you learn to prepare coffee like an expert, but you will also learn to recognize and buy a good coffee anywhere in the world and perhaps go from a coffee novice to a coffee connoisseur or better yet, a ‘coffee snob’.

Duration: 1 Hour

Cosy homestay amidst coffee plantation
Nemmale East and West, Karnataka, India

Nestled in the blissful coffee plantations of Kodagu, is this warm and comfy homestay where you can explore your love for coffee. But it’s not just like any other homestay, it’s a treehouse that overlooks coffee estates steeped in rich coffee history. Take a walk through the plantations to soak in all the goodness, after which you’ll most definitely feel the need for a cuppa, and the best place to do that is in this homestay’s sit-out area.

Coffee Ranch Nature Stay
Coorg, Karnataka, India

If homemade food, sustainable living, and blending in with nature is your cuppa joe, then you’ll love the Coffee Ranch Nature Stay. While you soak in trivia about one of the oldest drinks known to mankind in this canopy of nature, many other activities can help you make the best of your time. Beautiful waterfalls and rivers nearby are the perfect pick-me-ups, for instance. You can also go for a refreshing bike ride and feel the cool breeze on your skin, and if you’re more of the staying indoors kind, then they also provide plenty of board games.

Wayanad Stay – The Coffee Suite

Wayanad, Kerala, India

If coffee is nature’s elixir of life, then the Coffee Suite in Wayanad has the best selection of this elixir. Along with acres of coffee plantations, the homestay is surrounded by stretches of spices like pepper, clove, cardamom, cinnamon and turmeric. To add to the concoction, you will also find sweeps of jack fruits, mango, banana, pine, custard apples, and many herbs.



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