Brains behind the beautiful spaces: Runa Sikdar, Chief Designer and Director, White Space – innovating design, India & Europe


They’re a strong force behind truly unique, exquisite living spaces working hard to make your world a better place to live in. RITZ MAGAZINE speaks to some of Bengaluru’s top-notch architects and interior designers who are doing their bit, to not just beautify and enhance the wondrous world around you, but to help you sit back and relax.


Student life: I studied design in Jenson & Nicholson in India in early years. Later at Greek Oaks, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA & The Art Institute of Toronto, Canada. I’m now based out of both Europe and India, providing design consultation and execution in both parts of the world.

Design highpoints: Completing end to end interiors of two high-end bungalows in a record time of four days to be ready for a corporate film shoot. We are known for our skill in execution, a finer touch to things around and to bring about special themes through breathtaking designs across the world.

Awards and recognitions: Something big is coming my way sometime this year and I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Signature style: Though I create spaces with varied thematic implementations, my signature styles are European Countrystyle, Vintage and Heritage styles. Scandinavian style inspires me a lot. Indian heritage style has surprising intricacies that never fails to amaze me. I love to make a space feel timeless and make people feel connected. Home designing can be a story telling too, through the selection of texture, elements and colour palette that reflect the lifestyle of the dwellers. If a home does not envelope the character of the people who belong to it, the space will never belong to the people. Half of the design is made after I meet them twice and taking them through the process of reaching the solution. They often ask me how I reach the design solution that they completely relate to, despite them not having expressed much on their desires. Providing the clients with a functional space designed aesthetically with a timeless bound makes them feel safe and secured to trust me with their space.

Current trends in interiors/architecture: Trends are ever changing or never changing. The term that was called Modern in mid-century might still be in vogue till date. Curative is better than decorative! The modern designers like to have collectibles than decoration items. Geometrics and abstracts, bold and the pastels, fusion and pure, will always find a way and make trends with their turns. I like to go by what my mind imagines looking at a space.



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