Brains behind the beautiful spaces: Archana Sarda, Director and designer for Archana Sarda


They’re a strong force behind truly unique, exquisite living spaces working hard to make your world a better place to live in. RITZ MAGAZINE speaks to some of Bengaluru’s top-notch architects and interior designers who are doing their bit, to not just beautify and enhance the wondrous world around you, but to help you sit back and relax.


Student life: I finished my interiors from BVB College Hubli. Interior Design Karnataka

Design highpoints: I’ve designed the house of Karbon mobile CEO and JM Joshi house besides some other prestigious projects. Apart from delivering niche projects and business, I feel it’s also important to have a good relationship with people you’re working for.

Awards and recognitions: I was featured in the Iiiag coffe book (Top 25 designers of India work featured in coffee book and have won the NDTV award for my project.

Signature style: The key elements in most of my projects that stand out are fret work, stone work, soft furnishing and lighting, besides freedom for design, working within the budgets allocated, functionality, aesthetics, user friendly, while maintaining the warm feeling of a home. I like to do advanced planning in domestic arrangements and believe in creation of a restrained, formal, architectonic, yet keep a flowing style of interiors.

Current trends: Fret work, stone work, soft furnishings, lighting, pastel colours and also bright fusion colours depending on the concept of the project. I personally like the concept of having a lot of natural light and nature inside the house and also working with an off-white palette with silver and gold to extrude richness through materials. I’m very passionate about French style of interiors. But in India few people have started liking and using distress look in furniture with a modern twist.



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