Brains behind the beautiful spaces: Anshul Chodha, Principal Architect, Sanctuary


They’re a strong force behind truly unique, exquisite living spaces working hard to make your world a better place to live in. RITZ MAGAZINE speaks to some of Bengaluru’s top-notch architects and interior designers who are doing their bit, to not just beautify and enhance the wondrous world around you, but to help you sit back and relax.


Student life: Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT- Manipal).

Design highpoints: We have bagged four National Awards. Sanctuary Office was shortlisted for the World Architecture Festival- Berlin 2017. We were selected as 50 most promising GenX Designers by Architecture and Design 2017. We were shortlisted as one amongst three MIT Architecture Alumni’s to propose a design for the new facility for the Faculty of Architecture. We have conceived ZenDen- What I believe will be the future of housing in the country to for that matter even in this world.

Awards and recognitions: Sanctuary has won several awards and recognition over the years of which Sanctuary Office, The Open Box Restaurant and Puma Social Club and Nautanki Galli have won National Awards.

Signature style: My signature style is to exercise restraint and keep things minimal (minimalist), highly functional (form follows function), create a sense of grounding by use local material, and arts and crafts (wherever necessary), break stereotypes by subtly mixing the old and the new, and introducing soul through light, materiality, texture and colour (or the lack of it). What my clients like about me is that I am always open to listening to them and working together with them rather than in isolation and that I give my heart and soul into every project because I truly love what I do.

Current trends: The current trend is about finding new sustainable approaches in design and construction together by using and exploring and creating new technologies rather than waiting for them. This then can give rise to new ways to construct, newer materials to construct with and hence giving rise to new fresher ways to design as well. Today one has to re-invent design by re-inventing or creating new technology.



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