Boy trying to sneak girlfriend in trolley suitcase into hostel caught red-handed


An engineering student from a college in Manipal hit upon a novel idea to sneak his girlfriend into the hostel but was caught red-handed. He hid the girl in a trolley suitcase and tried to sneak in when the hostel caretaker smelt a rat. The large trolley bag caught his attention and he was curious to know why the student was carrying such a huge, heavy piece of luggage.

The student tried to escape by saying that the bag contained items that he ordered online. This confirmed the suspicions of the caretaker who demanded to check the contents of the bag. The student tried to stop the caretaker by saying that the goods were delicate but the caretaker still insisted on opening the trolley bag.
When the bag was unzipped, the girl was discovered curled up inside the bag. She was a student of the college and a dancer.
Both the boy and his girl friend have been suspended from the hostel.



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