BoomBox Live Feat. The Ganesh Talkies at The Moon and Sixpence


Ganesh Talkies is an alt-rock band from Kolkata, which was formed in mid 2011. The band consists of Suyasha Sengupta (vocals, guitars), Ronodeep Bose (guitars), Nabarun Bose (harmonium, keyboards), Roheet Mukherjee (bass) and Arka Das (drums). Producing a sound best described as ‘kitschy dance pop’, the band has had tongues wagging for years, since the then two piece team of Suyasha Sengupta and Roheet Mukherjee formed the original Ganesh Talkies as a cover band back in 2011, with Ronondeep Bose and Sambit Chatterjee joining in 2012 and 2014 respectively. They’ve been around for a while, releasing videos and bringing their charisma to stages across the country, so by the time their debut album thematically titled ‘In Technicolor’ released on 22 September. They are playing on Feb 13th, dont miss it ! 




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