Body Cupid’s Shower Gels


Body Cupid’s newest range of shower gels gives an experience of sinking in an ocean of calmness and serenity. The best of them will leave the skin softer and possibly healthier after a couple of uses. Plus, it can make you smell like a treat and even thwart body blemishes. Shower gels give us a luxurious bathing experience. With this wide range of shower gels from Body Cupid, wash away all the stresses of the day.

Body Cupid Wild Strawberry Shower Gel

Enriched with anti-aging goodness of natural strawberry seed oil and power-packed with the moisturizing power of natural shea butter.

 Body Cupid Pink Lotus Shower Gel

Lush in lather and heavenly in fragrance, this simply marvelous shower gel comes enriched with natural pink lotus flower extract that’s not only a great de-stressor for the mind but also known for its anti-aging goodness which keeps your skin supple, smooth and softly aglow.

Body Cupid Aqua Wave Shower Gel

Enriched with the nourishing goodness of shea butter, argan oil and vitamin B5 -and free of harsh sulfates, parabens, and mineral oils – it cleanses your skin softly leaving it smoothly moisturized and lushly silken. Go on; savor the coolest bathing experience ever!

Body Cupid Balinese Mango Shower Gel

Get an exotic tropical experience right in your shower with this shower gel. It has been enriched with pure and premium Balinese Mango Seed Oil – prized and proven for its skin softening and nourishing goodness – in every drop to hydrate and moisturize your skin and leave it supple and silken smooth.



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